About us

ARCANA Shoes came about from an idea to create modern, sophisticated footwear with a bit of "Sole". Our shoes are designed with a translucent outsole that makes it possible to see unique artworks designed by various artists.  Each artwork is produced in limited numbers, creating new experiences to enjoy.  Moving Sole is behind the launch of the brand, ARCANA shoes.

Why the ARTWORK on the sole?  Won't it rarely be seen?  We wanted to create footwear that is modern, sophisticated and on trend.  Creating subtle or not so subtle 'moments' for conversation.  Whether your sitting with your legs crossed, or lounging with your feet up, or just kicking up your feet somewhere, we wanted to create an experience that generates talking moments throughout your journey.

THE PEOPLE behind Arcana are two folks who have a passion for their respective skills - a marriage between Shoes and Technology.  Aaron is the "Shoe Guru" who has worked in almost every aspect of the business over the last 25 years. His background covers retail, wholesale, ecommerce, manufacturing, international sales and private label footwear.  As one of the earliest Zappos.com employees he worked directly with hundreds of brands and helped establish Zappos as a leader in footwear and service.  Aaron was also responsible for launching the private label segment at Shoes.com.  Peter has been in the technology industry for 20 years, having worked for various internet and consumer companies. Besides having a technical acumen, Peter also managed one of Europe's largest online eyewear company and most recently, was responsible for the e-commerce platform at Shoes.com.

We wanted to take our experiences to produce these unique shoes for you to enjoy!